ABF Singles Usage Terms of Service Agreement

ABF Singles strives to protect your personal information and privacy while in our community. The aforementioned is a result of our continued commitment to provide this community for everyone in the lifestyle while also keeping in line with General Data Protection Regulations. We make decisions based on the needs of the entire community and governing laws. Failure to read the terms of service agreement does not excuse lack of compliance. Violations of this agreement may lead to removal from the site.

Community Code of Conduct:

1. Multiple accounts are not allowed. This helps stop cat-fishing on the site. Also, it frees up space on our servers.

2. You must maintain an active valid email account at all times. The mail delivery failure notification from not keeping an updated email floods our mailbox. Let's save that space for people who need to contact us and be able to receive a response because they didn't get lost in spam.

3. No general nudity is allowed, and specifically, bare genitalia, chests (men and women), nipples, areola and including transparent clothing where any of the previous mentioned are visible. Cleavage shots are fine. Anyone obviously pushing or exceeding the limits will find their pictures deleted and may find their accounts deactivated. If we have to squint, blow up your photo or have a group meeting about it, your photo is pushing the limits. You may have great (insert whatever here) but not everyone wants to see it. Let's keep it clean for the general community please. We do offer a sister site anrconnections.com that allows above the waist photo sharing.

4. It is important that you accurately enter and maintain your location information and if your city isn’t in the choices, choose the closest one you are comfortable with located within 200 miles of your location.We get you may live in a small town and may not want to be "exposed" and that is understandable. Please choose the closest major city as an option. This is a site security issue we are trying to protect you from catfish and that amazingly charming Prince/princess from a foreign country begging for money. It is also for this reason we do not accept proxy servers.

5. Do NOT enter any Personally Identifiable Information, such as email address, address, phone number, instant message ID, etc. in a public area of the site. The public areas include timeline posts, comments on profiles, blogs, classifieds, online chat groups, etc. as EVERYONE can see them. Psst.. besides being a privacy violation this is inviting StalkersRUS or the above mentioned royalty from a foreign country.

6. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Don’t attack people or show disrespect. Please note: Blocking someone or someone asking you to stop contacting them is not disrespectful. It is a useful tool provided if needed. Please be respectful of other religious, political, personal views, etc...We are a platform that believes in freedom of speech, expression, open discussion and freedom of opinion, however when the government classifies something as a terrorist threat we will take action to protect our community and edit/remove as needed.

7. Do not spam, solicit or advertise ANY services, websites or other social media platforms without express written permission by the admin team. You will be immediately removed.

8. You must be 18 years old to be a member.

9. Once you take communications off site, we can not do anything about complaints, other than be understanding. If we can’t verify the conduct within the system, we cannot do anything about the problem other than be aware of it. Please make use of the report links on just about every page.

Thank you for being here in the Boobie Sandbox

ABF Singles reserves the right to terminate any and all memberships for violations of Terms of Service without donation refunded.