I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help make navigating and understanding policies a little easier for every one.

Why does my browser say the site is insecure?

Browsers are beginning to label ANY site that doesn’t use https as insecure. This is not necessarily true. Our payment process already transfers out to PayPal, and that process IS secure. We are investigating moving abfsingles.net to https.

How can I help improve ABF Singles?

Let people know about ABF Singles.
Add a picture and fill out your profile.
Report suspected spammers and other degenerates.

Can I upload nude pictures?

No, because our advertisers won't allow it. If I can see male (YES, male) or female nipples/areola/genitalia, I delete those automatically, If I think you're pushing the boundaries too much I'll delete that too. I understand some women want to show cleavage and I'm fine with that. Please do so in a respectful manner. If I need to remove your picture a couple of times I will just close your account.

I’m a guy, why can’t I post a picture of my bare chest?

This policy is currently under review, and may change in the future. But for now, it stands. There is a reason for it, and if the policy changes, it will be posted and changed in the ToS.

Why do I see (edited by admin) all over the place?

You see that because the member has published personally identifiable information (hereafter, PII) somewhere on the site. So, no PII is allowed in the timelines, your profile or any other publicly accessible part of the site. If you see the “(edited by admin)” in your profile or timeline posts, blogs or any other part of the site you should consider yourself warned. Too many occurrences, and your account will be deactivated. PII includes anything that can identify yourself, email address, Kik/Snapchat/any other chat handle, phone number, street address.

Why do I have to have an active email account?

You need to have an active email account so that we can contact you for a number of reasons. The site will notify you when certain things happen (you receive a message, a friend request, etc). These events are controllable. The admin team may also need to contact you if there are issues with your account.

How do I cancel my account?

Use the following menu options: My Settings>Settings>Cancel Account.

How do I block another member?

If the other person is just annoying or not really your type you can view their profile and there is a 'Block Member' option in the bottom right of their profile. If they continue to harass you or send any type of threatening message. This is serious business, please use the report feature and keep any offending messages for further investigation. You have the right to be here without feeling harassed or intimidated. Please do not report people because they hurt your feelings or you disagree with them. Always use the block option first, if it continues then report it.

Why can't I send a message?

Regular members can no longer send messages. You can read any message you get. Sending messages is only available to donating members.

Is my password secure?

Yes, it is encrypted and stored in our database. I cannot see your password, I can only reset it.

Can I advertise my product, service or website?

Maybe, use the contact us form at the bottom of the page.
I'm online but people cannot see me in the online chat? Click the little gear icon labeled 'Chat Settings' in the bottom right corner. Make sure Online is underlined and not invisible.

I was removed/deactivated and I don't know why.

There are generally a few reasons why accounts are deactivated. The most common reasons are:

Creating multiple accounts.

Adding prohibited pictures.

Being rude, deceptive or disrespectful